OWPC Meeting

18/03/2020 @ 19:00
Monthly on 3rd Wednesday, forever
Excluding: yearly on August, forever, and 21/05/2014, 20/08/2014, 19/08/2015, 19/08/2020, 18/08/2021
Village Hall, Glebe Avenue, Orton Waterville

Agenda 19th February 2020

OWPC meets on the third Wednesday of each month except August at the Orton Waterville Village Hall on Glebe Avenue at 7.00 pm however sometimes meetings are held at different locations within the parish to encourage members of the public to attend.  Venue changes are stated on the agenda.  The Chair is in charge, and the Clerk supports OWPC as it discusses business. Council meetings are formal events, not social occasions. They have a clear purpose – to make decisions – and are not just talking shops. Furthermore, they are public events; the press and public have a right to observe how OWPC operates.  Exceptions are when sensitive issues are discussed (such as legal, contractual or personnel matters) and then the council can agree to exclude the press and public for just that item. OWPC usually makes its decisions in council.  All councillors are expected to attend.

Public Participation in OWPC Meetings

Members of the public are encouraged to attend a meeting of OWPC to observe and speak during the Agenda item Public Forum.  Excepting during that Agenda item however the public observers have no right to interrupt the meeting in any way.  The Chair, however, has the discretion to temporarily close the meeting while a member of the public is invited to speak.  The meeting must then formally re-commence prior to any further discussion amongst the councillors.  The chairman may choose to exercise this discretion but is not obliged to.