Councillors of the Orton Waterville Parish Council

Following the recent changes to the warding system in our parish there are now only two wards; Goldhay East Ward, for which Alex Airey is your councillor, and Waterville Ward, which all other councillors represent.

In order to inform parishioners of the councillors that live closest to them the following list is arranged to show councillors according to their areas of residence.

Chair of the Parish Council – Cllr Jenny Farnham.

Vice-Chair of the Parish Council – Cllr Judith Goode.

Wistow Area

DaphneDaphne Sandles
01733 361293

Barry Warne                    07708 284146

Village Area

Mike Chambers Mike Chambers
01733 231815

Judith Goode Judith Goode
01733 361729

Trevor RouseTrevor Rouse
01733 649905

Brimbles Area

Jenny photoJenny Farnham
01733 235860

Brenda PhotoBrenda Fearon
01733 239848

Goldhay Area

Roger ProudfootRoger Proudfoot
07753 800431

Parish Clerk

Alison Alison Brown
01733 346483
46 Oakdale Avenue, Stanground, Peterborough, PE2 8TA

Southgate/Northgate Area

Matthew Barrows
07776 424236

Julie Howell
01733 233960

Dr Dharshana Sridhar

07702 477485